Kitten Contract

Eligwen Kitten Contract

Kitten and Cat Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee
     This agreement between _______________[buyer] and Elizabeth Thompson, Eligwen Cattery [Seller] is effective on the date of _____Buyer agrees to purchase and Seller agrees to sell below described Cat/ Kitten with said terms: 

This is a contract for the sale of one Oriental Shorthair Kitten produced from the litter of the parents cited below on  ________, 2019.
The agreed upon sale price is $1200 in (all funds in US Dollars). $500 deposit is due upon acceptance of this contract acknowledged with signing of seller and buyer. The remaining balance of $700 shall be due no later than ______ days before the kitten will be shipped. The shipping expenses for air delivery is $450, this fee includes all veterinary, airfare and shipping expenses including crate.
The kitten will be shipped at approximately 12 weeks of age or ______lbs. The delivery date will vary depending on the maturity of the individual kitten and the delivery date will be at the sole discretion of the seller. The seller shall notify the buyer one week prior to delivery date, if final payment has not been received by that date and no written agreement for extension has been made, the $500 deposit shall be forfeited and this contract shall be null and void.

Purchase price:$_____ Deposit Amount$____ Shipping Cost$____Total Amount Owed$_____
Breed: Oriental Shorthair
Birth Date:
Sex :
Description/ Color:
Microchip Number:
Vaccines: See health Certificate – All kittens and cats come with age and breed appropriate vaccinations. 

Health Guarantee: Seller agrees to guarantee the health of above, said cat/ kitten upon time of pick-up for a period of 10 days. It is recommended that buyer or buyers takes the cat to Buyer’s own veterinarian at Buyer’s expense within the first seventy-two hours; The Guarantee Period. Buyer or Buyer’s Veterinarian shall report to the Seller any medical problems within the guarantee period. If the cat/kitten is found to have a medical problem [within the 72 hour period only], it must be reported to the Seller within 24 hours of its discovery—failure to make this report in this time frame will void the warranty.
Refunds, replacements, and expenses: There shall be no refunds of purchase price, shipping or other costs. There shall be replacement of the cat/ kitten under the circumstances provided below.

  • If the cat/ kitten is found to be in unsound health by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours, the cat/ kitten shall be returned to the Seller. Buyer at that time may request a refund or replacement with another cat of equal value. The replacement will be made as soon as a suitable replacement becomes available. A medical report signed by the examining veterinarian must be provided to the Seller prior to a replacement being made. There shall be no refund or replacement unless under the Health Guarantee {with the 72-hour period only except as stated below}. The seller will not replace any cat or kitten that has not received adequate and appropriate care from its owner. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide immediate veterinary care (at the Buyer’s expense) to any cat/ kitten showing any signs of illness or distress, and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.
  • Under NO circumstance, is a cat or kitten to be destroyed without prior notification to the Seller from the Buyer. Any cat/ kitten for which the Buyer expects replacement must be returned to the Seller (at the Buyer’s expense), so that the identity of the cat/ kitten can be verified. “Unsound health” shall be defined as any condition, which is “life threatening or incurable” and shall not include conditions or infections such as colds, virus, bacterial infections, or skin rashes.
  • Should the cat/ kitten die within six (6) months as a direct result of an unknown (at the time of sale) congenial birth defect, said cat/ kitten will be replaced only if an appropriate autopsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian’s certificate is provided as proof of death. Trauma, abuse, or neglect will void the guarantee.
  • The Buyer assumes all responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the cat/ kitten after said cat/ kitten leaves the possession of the Seller, as well as any expense incurred at the request of the Buyer before said cat/ kitten leaves possession of the Seller. If, for any reason, the cat/ kitten is returned to the Seller, Buyer agrees to pay all expenses, including shipping costs, mileage, and re-examination of Seller’s veterinarian. This examination will include a complete “Viral Panel” blood test for FELV, FIP, and FIV viruses.
  • WARRANTY VOID IF FIP VACCINES GIVEN. We do not recommend vaccinating this cat/ kitten with the FIP vaccines. This vaccine is not safe for this breed. The FIP vaccine is not safe. Reference: Feline Infectious Diseases, Chapter 7, page 54, (first column- last paragraph). Written by Neils C. Pederson, D.V.M. Ph. D. If the FIP vaccine is given to the cat/ kitten at any time, the entire health guarantee becomes null and void.
  • Shipping: All shipping costs are to be paid by the Buyer, when purchasing a cat/ kitten that must be shipped. Cat/ kitten can only be shipped “prepaid”. Specific shipping arrangements will be determined in advance and confirmed to the Buyer by Seller, with the cat’s/ kitten’s best interest in mind. This signed agreement must be returned prior to cat/ kitten being shipped.
  • Breeding and/ or For Show: If cat/ kitten is purchased for the purpose of breeding, the seller guarantees fertility. If a breeding animal has not produced viable offspring by age 18 months, Seller agrees to replace the cat. Show cats are sold with the understanding that they are free of disqualifiable faults. They also meet The Breed Standard of Quality.
  • Housing, Care, and Transfer to Third Party: Buyer agrees that this cat/ kitten will be kept indoors and not allowed to roam freely outdoors. Under no circumstances will this cat/ kitten be sent to a shelter or otherwise disposed of, nor shall this cat/ kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory or a similar facility. If the Buyer becomes unable, or no longer desires to care for this cat/ kitten, the cat/ kitten shall be returned to the Seller, and the Seller will pay shipping expenses. Buyer agrees that the Seller has the right to retrieve said cat/ kitten if the Buyer does not adhere to all provisions of this contract or if said cat/ kitten is being neglected or abused.
  • Resale: If Buyer wishes to re-sell said cat/ kitten, the sale must be approved by Seller, or in the alternative, said cat/ kitten will be returned to the Seller, at Buyer’s expense, for resale by the Seller.
    Venue: If any legal action is commenced by Buyer or Seller as a result of this contract, Buyer agrees that the place of venue shall be Hennepin County, State Of Minnesota. Buyer agrees to personal jurisdiction within such venue regardless of their place of residence and agrees that any judgment obtained is enforceable within that jurisdiction.
  • Eligwen Cattery is a FeLV and FIV negative cattery. Buyer (at his/her own expense) agrees to have all cats currently owned, be tested for FeLV and FIV. Said cats already in buyers’ possession must test negative within 10 days of finalized purchase of cat/kitten from Sleepy Eye Cattery. Documentation must be provided to seller prior to purchase. Seller has right to refuse sale of cat/kitten to any household where a FeLV or FIV infected cat resides. Allowing purchased cat/kitten from Sleepy Eye Cats to be in contact with any cat/kitten that has not been tested FeLV/FIV negative will render this health guarantee null and void.
  • Buyer Agrees that this kitten/cat was sold with the understanding that it would not be declawed under any circumstances. Buyer understands that declawing is a mutilation involving the amputation of a large portion of the kitten/ catʼs toes and which is likely to alter the kitten/catʼs temperament and health. Buyer agrees that Seller cannot insure the temperament or health of any kitten/cat which has been declawed. Buyer understands that if the kitten/cat is declawed, it will render the guarantee null and void.
  • Be mindful that the stress induced in an animal when going to a new home
    may cause symptoms of illness, including upper respiratory infection, to appear in an otherwise healthy animal.
  • Air shipping in the United States is a flat rate of $450.00 per kitten that covers the cost of the airline ticket, TSA approved travel crate, and TSA required vet exams and paperwork. The crate is yours to keep for future use. In the event that a kitten is lost or dies in transport all costs of the buyer will be covered by airline insurance.
  • Deposits are not refundable. In the event that you decide that you no longer want a kitten from Eligwen cattery you forfeit your $500.00 deposit. In the event that you decide you want a kitten from a different litter or a different color/gender than originally selected your deposit will be moved to the next available kitten of your choice. In the event that the kitten you placed a deposit for passes away while still in my care you will be moved to the next litter of your choice.
  • Deposits, balance, and shipping payments can be made via bank check, money order, PayPal or cash. I do not take personal checks. If your kitten is being shipped balance and shipping payments must be made no less than 1 week before your kitten leaves my care. Families picking up their kitten in person can pay their balance at the time of pick up.
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    Buyer/ Signature                      Date
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    Seller/ Signature                      Date